Soli-Demo für “Unsere Villa”

English version:

“Our Villa” still exists and will stay!

The old and long term not-used industrial villa in Mönchebergstraße in Kassel is squatted since the 3rd of June. Here, a self-organized social-cultural center is being created. Unfortunately the owner of the building, the university of Kassel is not willing to negotiate and pressed charges against the squatters. Because of this the project is in concrete danger of being evicted!

This is why we are calling out for solidarity of everyone who supports the project. Come to the streets with us! Let’s organize a loud protest against the possible eviction!

We keep the building squatted because we think that a space which belongs to everyone and which can be used by anyone without being discriminated is urgently needed and we are in a process of creating it.

Here on the border between the neighborhoods of Wesertor and Nordstadt – we do not only need one social center but many. Social Centers which are not commercial and where neither your color, gender nor financial strength matters to be part of the project.

Support us and come to the demonstration at Saturday 17th of June, starting at 4 pm at the Rathaus Kassel.

Bring banners, think about if you want contribute with a speech, bring your friends and spread the word!


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